The Kristallnacht Project - Putting the pieces back together


Small Wall Concept Art

To commemorate Kristallnacht by putting the pieces back together for the future, we invite you and your organization to commission a customized fused glass Kristallnacht Wall to be displayed at your own organization.  The glass panels in the sculpture can be created in community glass-making events for members and friends of your organization.  From the panels made for your wall, you can select one to be used in the larger Kristallnacht Wall, giving your community a truly real tie to the larger project.

Your glass panels can also be made in conjunction with a community-wide Hiddur Mitzvah Project.

Following are a number of ideas showcasing the types of memorial walls we can create for you. Ideally, the commission of a Kristallnacht Memorial Wall would center around a community project at which the glass panels used are made. This makes for a very real connection with people as they put the pieces back together into something beautiful. These are just some ideas our artists have come up with and we are more than willing to work with you on design and budget. Click an image for larger version and details. Cost and sizes are estimates to give an idea of the range of possibilities. Depending on the type of wall, installation costs may be added. If you are interested in comissioning a memorial, please contact us to discuss options.

Horizontal Wall Horizontal Wall Horizontal Wall
Horizontal Wall