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Video & Photographs of Kristallnacht


There are very few moving images of Kristallnacht available in the public domain; many films are controlled by institutions in Germany and elsewhere and are not available publicly.  Therefore, most of the images available are photographs.  However, see below for moving images that appear in the public domain:

Via YouTube:

Synagogue burning in Buehl, Germany via


There are many Web sites that contain photographs of Kristallnacht; many of them are in the public domain and may be downloaded.  Among these collections (some images appear in more than one collection) are:

US Holocaust Memorial Museum Website; 22 photos with captions

Survivor and Witness Testimony About Kristallnacht:

To view the testimony of Holocaust survivors and other witnesses of Kristallnacht, visit these sites:

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum:

Surivors remember Kristallnacht video series

Voices on Antisemitism - Susan Warsinger, Holocaust survivor

USC Shoah Foundation video (formerly Steven Spielberg Survivors of the Shoah Foundation)

Yad Vashem Kristallnacht memories

Simon Wiesenthal Museum of Tolerance online learning center


More Information About Kristallnacht

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Yad Vashem