The Kristallnacht Project - Putting the pieces back together


About the Kristallnacht Project

Join internationally renowned Judaica artist Gary Rosenthal in putting the glass pieces back together through the Kristallnacht Project. Forever remembered as one of the darkest nights in Jewish history, Kristallnacht, or “The Night of Broken Glass,” was the turning point in the events that resulted in the Holocaust.  By the next morning, over 30,000 Jews were on their way to concentration camps, nearly a hundred were already dead and thousands of synagogues, businesses, homes, schools, hospitals and cemeteries had been shattered.

Now, as we approach the 75th anniversary of Kristallnacht,  we honor Holocaust survivors by offering the opportunity to create a free candlestick of fused glass and metal. In events large or small, as groups or individuals, create beautiful fused glass art to memorialize that night and remind us of the hope for the future.  You can create a glass panel that will become part of a larger wall; Judaica that will be used by you and your family for years to come; or a glass sculpture to be displayed by your organization.

On November 9, 2013, 75 years after Kristallnacht, Gary plans to unveil The Kristallnacht Wall – a 600 square-foot glass wall and eternal light representing all that was broken in hate, put back together in hope.  The wall will be made of unique one-foot square windows created as part of community events in remembrance of the Holocaust.  Participants will actively put the pieces back together through Gary’s Hiddur Mitzvah Project, creating the 600 windows to represent the six million who lost their lives. This beautiful work of art will serve as a powerful reminder that societies must embrace diversity and celebrate differences among all peoples; it will symbolize that mankind must live together harmoniously or fall to pieces.

The community events can be set up in different ways depending on the needs of the participants.  They can be as large as an entire town or as small as a single family.   We offer the opportunity for Holocaust survivors to create glass candlesticks at no charge.  Other participants can make meaningful fused glass Judaica for themselves or to be sold in their community to further fund the project.  In addition to creating the glass panel for the Kristallnacht Wall, participants may make a panel for themselves – perhaps in honor of a survivor - to be framed and displayed, providing a physical reminder of their connection to the memorial.  Organizations can commission a smaller, custom designed memorial wall for their own community with the glass created at the event.

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Gary will use funds from these events to further develop the Kristallnacht Project website as a valuable educational resource, and to continue the project through 2013.  It is our hope to establish a database of information about the synagogues lost that night, so that they may not be forgotten.

The finished Kristallnacht Wall will be located at a significant public location yet to be determined.  At this time we are still welcoming proposals from organizations interested in installing the Wall.