The Kristallnacht Project - Putting the pieces back together


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the finished wall going to be placed?

Despite reaching out to numerous organizations we do not yet have a home for the wall and it is unfortunatley possible that a full size commemorative wall will not come to fruition. If you are interested in providing a location, please contact us.

What happens to our Glass Window after we have made it? 

Currently, despite our best efforts, there are no established plans for a final wall. You may still create a wall panel if you wish with that understanding in mind. Your Glass Window mosaic will packed up and returned to our studio, where it will be labeled and fired into a solid piece of glass.  All of the Windows made by groups like yours will be collected and stored at our studio until we have enough to create the Large Wall.  We still hope to be able to create a large wall in the future but it is not certain. If and when a Large Wall is made, we will create a map so that you will be able to find the Glass Window that you created.

Can we make a Glass window to keep for our organization, to be displayed to remember our event and commemorate Kristallnacht? 

Yes!  You and your organization can make a second Window to be kept and displayed.  The cost for the additional window is $300. If you would like to have your window framed, or would like to create a sculpture from your glass window, we cn offer a variety of options for an additional charge.  Please contact us if you are interested.

I (or my family and I) would like to create a Glass Window for the large Kristallnacht Wall.  Can we do that? 

Yes!  We welcome Glass Windows made by individuals or families, perhaps to honor a loved one who was in the Holocaust. 

How can my organization arrange for a customized Kristallnacht “Putting the Pieces Back Together” sculpture?

Gary is available to work with you and your organization to create a customized sculpture to commemorate Kristallnacht.  One option is to host a community event, where the Glass Windows in the sculpture are created by members of your organization.  You can see some suggested designs here.  Please contact us for further information.

Can Gary come to our Kristallnacht “Putting the Pieces Back Together” event? 

Depending on the size, location and timing of your event, Gary may be available to attend.  Please contact us to discuss.

I have some information about a synagogue destroyed during Kristallnacht.  What should I do with it? 

We would like to collect and share the stories of synagogues destroyed during Kristallnacht as part of the “Putting the Pieces Back Together” Project.  We are particularly interested in synagogues that were rebuilt after the War.  We would also like to gather photos of the synagogues and their windows.  Please contact us if you have any information.

Sounds great, how do I get started?

At this time we do not have an automated ordering system for the Glass Windows or programs so please contact us directly.