The Kristallnacht Project - Putting the pieces back together


Hold a Kristallnacht Project Event

Holding an event that symbolically puts the pieces back together is a good way to get your community engaged in a Holocaust commemorative activity. The kick-off event was recently held in Denver and got a write-up in Intermountain Jewish News. Any of these activities can be meaningful individual projects as well.  Here are a few options:

Working on the Window

Create a Glass Panel for the large Kristallnacht Wall: You can help us put the pieces back together by creating your own personalized 12"x12" glass window to add to our large Kristallnacht Wall.  Honor  survivors or loved ones lost by creating a panel in their name.  This works well as a collaborative activity. Participants will take small tumbled glass pieces and put them together in a unique mosaic which will be fired into a solid piece of glass. Panels for the large Kristallnacht Wall cost $300. You can also make a window to keep for yourself, as a reminder of what your work will be a part of. Read more about the large Kristallnacht Wall here.

Please note, as of February, 2011, despite reaching out to numerous organizations we have been unable to secure a location or funding for the memorial wall. We are still working with various groups on smaller projects and providing free candlesticks to survivors as well as free educational materials. You may still purchase and create a wall panel but at this point it us uncertain where, when, and how the panels will be used. This could easily change if we are approached by someone who wants to adopt the wall but we want all particpants to be aware of where we stand at the moment.

Use our Free Holocaust Educational Materials: We have developed a "Putting the Pieces Back Together" Kristallnacht remembrance activity for children and families. To supplement your Holocaust or Kristallnacht remembrance programming, we offer these new materials specially designed to recall the synagogues damaged or destroyed during Kristallnacht.  Children can participate in Putting the Pieces Back Together by creating tissue paper stained glass windows based on synagogue windows destroyed during Kristallnacht.  We are also developing materials appropriate for middle and high school students.  Lesson plans that highlight the story of these synagogues and their rebuilding are also available. Kristallnacht Project Education Center

Rekindle the light with custom Judaica: Using the Hiddur Mitzvah Process, you can create custom Judaica by symbolically putting the pieces of glass back together. Participants create colorful glass mosaics by gluing  pieces of glass onto a template (no artistic ability required!).  After your project is finished, the mosaics are shipped back to Gary’s studio, fused and attached to your chosen piece of heirloom-quality Judaica.  All items can be purchased at a 25% discount off of our regular retail price.  If you do not wish to purchase the items, they will be sold through our online store to further fund this project.

Commission a small Kristallnacht Wall: To commemorate Kristallnacht by putting the pieces back together for the future, we offer you the opportunity to commission a custom fused glass Kristallnacht Wall to be displayed at your own organization.  The glass panels in the sculpture can be created in community glass-making events for members and friends of your organization, perhaps in conjunction with creating Judaica pieces as mentioned above.  From the panels made for your wall, you can select one to be used in the larger Kristallnacht Wall, giving your community a very real tie to the larger project. Samples of possible options here.

Want to learn about self-funding your Hiddur Mitzvah project?  We can talk with you about how to use the process as a fundraiser.

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