The Kristallnacht Project - Putting the pieces back together


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Wall - Artist Rendering
Artist Rendering

Join internationally-known Judaica artist Gary Rosenthal in putting the pieces of glass back together through the Kristallnacht Project. In November, 1938, thousands of synagogues, businesses, homes and lives were destroyed in a single night.  Kristallnacht - the night of broken glass - was a turning point that marked the beginning of the Holocaust. It began with that night and ended with the murder of six million Jews, including one and a half million children.

Today, as we approach the 75th anniversary of Kristallnacht, you, your family, friends and community can participate in this Kristallnacht remembrance project, keeping the light alive by putting the pieces back together.

Through the Kristallnacht Project you can create personalized Judaica, design custom glass memorial sculptures, and make a part of the large Kristallnacht Wall. Whether you are a family, synagogue, school, organization or Holocaust survivor, we welcome your participation in our project of hope.

Please note, as of February, 2011, despite reaching out to numerous organizations we have been unable to secure a location or funding for the memorial wall. We are still working with various groups on smaller projects and providing free candlesticks to survivors as well as free educational materials. You may still purchase and create a wall panel but at this point it us uncertain where, when, and how the panels will be used. This could easily change if we are approached by someone who wants to adopt the wall but we want all particpants to be aware of where we stand at the moment.

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